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Ositcom ltd provides affordable and reliable Web Hosting for the websites and web based solutions with over 99% Up-time. These services include: Domain Registration, Domain Name Creation, Unlimited Web Space, unlimited transfer, Database Access, and Hosting Web Serve. an OSITCOM ltd business has been providing web services including web hosting since 2000.

Fantastico contains more than 36 scripts of popular web application ready to install through cPanel. The most common applications and systems that are installed using Fantastico Deluxe include: Content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Mambo, Siteframe, etc. E-commerce applications and shopping cart software including ZenCart, OS Commerce, Blog software such as WordPress, pMachine Free, Nucleus, and b2Evolution. Photo sharing systems and image galleries such as Gallery, Coppermine Photo Gallery, Wikis such as PhpWiki and TikiWiki

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